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Moving (in) the World: Performing and Theorizing Social Change


As storytellers, performance makers and theorists are uniquely positioned to translate and explicate the competing narratives and the various performances that comment on the public sphere. The impact of their vital work extends far beyond discrete or niche artistic scenes and engages anyone interested in understanding current global political and social climates, the spectacles of power that shape their private and public lives, the histories and performative tactics of social movements, and the worlds they imagine and rehearse through their interventions. 

To amplify and support this work, the PhD area of the Department of Theatre and Dance is launching Moving (in) the World: Performing and Theorizing Social Change, a speaker series composed of scholars and artists whose research and practice tackle, through a dance, theatre, and performance theory lens, some of the most urgent questions the world faces: racial, sexual, and gendered injustice and violence, white supremacy, ongoing colonization and its multigenerational effects, and the environmental crisis. The series will privilege and engage with the work of scholars and artists from and in conversation with under-represented communities in a flexible setting (formal presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops) open to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and the public at large. 

While hosted by the PhD area of the Department of Theatre and Dance, the series’ events will take place largely on Zoom as a way to intentionally reach a broad community of speakers and audience members and as an effort to limit our environmental footprint through travel reduction. In curating these conversations, the PhD area strives to make available the important insights provided by artists and performance scholars on some of the most pressing questions of our times, to broadcast how the fields of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies intersect with other research conducted on campus and beyond, and to to support our students’ professionalization by inviting their participation in important scholarly and artistic conversations.


Speaker Series

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Disability Performance: Culture, Community, Inclusion, and Activism

A conversation with Jim LeBrecht BA '78, Petra Kuppers & Regan Linton MFA '13 / Moving (in) the World series

Join us May 16 @ 5:30 pm

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The Vibrant Being

A conversation with Luis Valdez and Professor Emeritus Dr. Jorge Huerta / Moving (in) the World series

Join us April 7 @ 4 pm

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Eco-theater Practices: Recycling in the Theater Space & Beyond

A conversation with Molly Braverman and Nicholas Ponting / Moving (in) the World series

Join us April 4 @ 5:30pm

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Sounding the Minor in Monika Kin Gagnon's Happy Birthday!

A conversation with Olivia Michiko Gagnon / Moving (in) the World series

Join us March 7 @ 5pm

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Claiming Space, History and Relation through Vogue & Ballscene Arts

A conversation with Edrimael Delgado Reyes (LaBoriVogue) and Cuahtémoc Peranda (Don'Té 007) / Moving (in) the World series

Join us Feb. 22 @ 5pm