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Production Photo of Life is a DreamLife is a Dream (2019). Photo: Manuel Rotenberg.

MFA Acting Webinar



Join us on December 17th from 3 - 4 PM PST for an exciting Webinar to learn more about the many reasons we feel you should  choose UCSD for your Graduate Training in Acting. Please click here to access the webinar on December 17th. The link will remain active so if you miss our initial launch, you can listen to the recording after the 17th.  


The Webinar will consist of a panel of our core acting faculty: Ursula Meyer - Head of Graduate Acting and Voice, Stephen Buescher - Head of Movement, Marco Barricelli - Shakespeare and Classical Text, Richard Robichaux - Acting Process and Acting for the Camera, and Jennifer Chang - Head of Undergraduate Acting and Showcase Facilitator. We are also hoping to have Jacole Kitchen, Showcase Director and member of the Creative Team at La Jolla Playhouse to talk to you about the actor residencies that are part of our training curriculum. During the panel, we will give an overview of the program, we will discuss how we collaborate with the many other vibrant disciplines in the Department, we will outline what each faculty member is envisioning for their work with the future cohorts of students, and we will put forward how we are rethinking and revising what it means to be an actor in the new pandemic and post-pandemic era. We are excited to share what we value and what we dream of and how we would like to lead the world of actor training with your minds and bodies and voices and the stories you want to tell. 


If you join us for the Webinar, we will take questions in the second part of the hour. You may also email Ursula Meyer - if you cannot attend the Webinar or you are not able to ask your question on the day. 


Good luck to you and we hope to hear from on the 17th or online during your audition taping!!


In anticipation! 


The UCSD MFA Acting Faculty 

Ursula Meyer , Head 

Jennifer Chang, Stephen Buescher, Marco Barricelli, Richard Robichaux