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people stand on cubes that read "wonder" in purple lightVenus (2015). Photo: Jim Carmody.


Complimentary ticket policy and procedures 2022-2023



All Theatre + Dance Department Faculty (Regular and Emeritus), and Regular Department Staff may request a total of (2) complimentary tickets to each production – not to each performance. All Theatre + Dance Graduate Students and Undergraduate Student Theatre/Dance Majors may request one (1) complimentary ticket to each production – not to each performance.  You will receive a specific promo code to obtain your ticket.

Student tickets are $10, Faculty and Staff tickets are $15, General Admission tickets are $20. Please select the appropriate price tier when you check out. 

Comp Request Deadlines

All requests for comp tickets must be made via the online ticketing agency ( via a promo code received from the department.  Requests/sales are on a first come first served basis.

Notification of Comp Processed

 You will be notified by the ticket agency ( when your ticket request is completed.  Comp tickets are not guaranteed for each performance.  If your request is late and a particular show is popular you may not be able to get a ticket to that performance.

Preview Procedures

Note: no Previews will be happening in Fall Quarter. 

Tickets to our preview performances are sold to the public. Thus, each person sitting in the audience is required to have a ticket on his/her person for house accounting purposes to avoid overselling the house.  The show’s company is required to submit a ticket request for the preview if that is the performance desired. Creative Team members will have one ticket set aside for them for the preview.  Following this procedure not only prevents overselling the house, but contributes to a smoothly timed opening.

Opening Night Procedures + Creative Team Comps

If you are required to attend Opening Night because you are on the show’s Creative Team,  you MUST submit a COMP REQUEST via the comp request form below. All other students must purchase/ use a comp ticket if they want to attend opening night. Directors are offered one ticket to each performance of a particular production, but these tickets must be requested via the comp form. 

To claim CREATIVE TEAM comps, please fill out this form:

Arrival time for all comp ticket-holders

Please check-in with the house manager at the door no later than 15 minutes before show time. Unclaimed seats will be released to the general public at that time.