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We're delighted to welcome all audiences back to the Theatre District!

Ticketing Information

  • UCSD Student tickets are $10
  • UCSD Faculty and Staff tickets are $15
  • General Admission tickets are $20
  • Preview Tickets are half price
  • Head over to our Complimentary Ticket Policy page for more information, and to see if you qualify for a free ticket or a discount.

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Sheila & Hughes Potiker Theatre. April 26 - May 18

Playwright Beth Hyland | Directed by Allie Moss

Alina Jay is a former tween star turned singer-slash-actress (and actress who sings). When she’s caught kissing her much-older married co-star, the internet turns on her. Now Alina’s team, led by her best friend-slash-assistant, Meg, must do whatever it takes to get Alina back on top. A comedy about fame, cancel culture, and the lengths we’ll go for redemption, CANCELINA asks who we really are when everything is stripped away.

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The Half-Sibling Play

Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre. April 29 - May 17 

Playwright Agyeiwaa Asante | Directed by Ludmila de Brito

Growing up in separate households, half-siblings Kweku and Amoaa have never been close. But when their father dies unexpectedly, they travel together from Brooklyn to Ghana to pay their respects and claim their birthright. A play about sisters, brothers, and absent fathers, THE HALF-SIBLING PLAY delves into the mystery of family and what it means to come home.

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809 Almond

Sheila & Hughes Potiker Theatre. May 3 - May 17

Playwright Mylan Gray | Directed by Stephen Buescher

809 Almond is a Berkeley co-op founded during the Sixties, but things have changed a lot since the Sixties. Instead of marching in the streets, the co-op's residents are starting tech start-ups. In an effort to get back to their progressive roots, they recruit a Black roommate - except their new Black roommate has plans of her own. A dark comedy about race, sex, and late-stage capitalism, 809 ALMOND explores the blind spots and hypocrisies of well-intentioned liberalism.

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Dead Girl's Quinceañera

Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre. May 6 - May 18

Playwright Phanésia Pharel | Directed by Lamar Perry 

Being 15 is even more complicated when your best friend goes missing. Maria's besties are in a race against the clock to find out what happened to her and bring her home alive. A dark comedy about secrets, female friendship, and crime solving, DEAD GIRLS QUINCEAÑERA asks what it means to come of age in a messed-up world and what you need to do to survive.

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No Singing In The Navy

Arthur Wagner Theatre. May 10 - May 18

Playwright Milo Cramer | Directed by Aysan Celik 

Three silly sailors have $100 and 24 hours in San Diego before they’re shipped off to war and certain death. A loving and sardonic riff on the golden (problematic) age of musical theater, NO SINGING IN THE NAVY looks at what happens when American ideas of innocence and nostalgia collide with messy political realities and uncomfortable truths.

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