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We're delighted to welcome all audiences back to the Theatre District!

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  • General Admission tickets are $20
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Mandell Weiss Theatre. Feb. 23 - Mar. 2 

When X, by Alistair McDowall begins, we are introduced to five travelers waiting to be picked up from their mission on planet Pluto. We are in a near future where much of the earth is no longer habitable, and Pluto is being explored as a viable option for human life. But their research base has lost radio signal, and their expedition has already lasted much longer than expected. The group is tasked with trying to determine if their pickup is late, if their pickup is no longer coming, or--most frighteningly-if they've lost contact with their pickup because earth itself has ceased to exist. As the passing time becomes increasingly more difficult to track, events begin to move out of sequence, and the line between what is real and what isn't becomes blurred. The travelers are desperate to sort through their fragmented memories, and to maintain control of their own lives. X is an evocative, hilarious, and devastating play that uses the metaphor of being lost in space to explore the loss of personal and collective memory. As we as a planet creep closer and closer to having to face the existential threat of environmental degradation, X could not be more timely. How do we want to be remembered, and who will remain to remember us?

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Studio Shakes - Double Bill

Arthur Wagner Theatre. Feb. 29 - Mar. 9 

Romeo & Juliet (abridged version)

A queer retelling of Shakespeare's classic story of forbidden love.

The Comedy of Errors (abridged version)

The Comedy of Errors, is a Shakespeare classic involving two sets of identical twins with multiple identity confusions. In a tragic series of events, they are separated by a shipwreck and end up in rival cities. After twenty years apart, they inadvertently cross paths on a bustling dock, where justice is rough and disorder thrives. What follows is utter chaos including marital assumptions, Doctor Pinch  - schoolteacher, conjurer, and would-be exorcist - and much reconciling and pardoning as we uncover the many mix-ups in this wild web of identity assumptions!

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The Walk with Little Amal & Co- Laboratory - Chicanx Teatro Ensemble, Dance, Design & UCSD Center for Global Justice

This is a site specific community engagement project that will intersect with the giant puppet Little Amal, which is the centrepiece of a global performance art project called The Walk. Amal’s journey as a simulated refugee girl who crosses international borders (U.S. into Mexico) is the starting point for the Co-Laboratory to bring awareness to current critical issues of environmental justice, war, socio-political issues, and their resulting impact on migration, immigration, and refugees, culminating in a collectively created performance event. The creative process will be led by Robert Castro (Chicanx Teatro Ensemble), Ana María Alvarez (Dance) and Victoria Petrovich (Design).

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Wagner New Play Festival 2024

Apr. 26 - May 18

The 2024 Wagner New Play Festival will feature brand new plays by the five MFA playwrights: Agyeiwaa Asante, Milo Cramer, Mylan Gray, Beth Hyland, and Phanésia Pharel. Two plays will be performed in rep in the Potiker Theatre with a single design team. Two plays will be performed in rep in the Shank Theatre with a single design team. Directors TBD. The fifth play will be performed in a non-traditional space and created in collaboration with student performers and designers, led by a prominent guest artist with a strong foundation in immersive, experimental, or site-specific performance.

Details to come soon.

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