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PhD Students and Candidates

PhD students and candidates based at UC San Diego are part of a joint PhD program with UC Irvine. As part of the joint program, Theatre and Dance PhDs teach and receive funding from UC San Diego, but are able to take courses at either institution. Click on the profiles below to read more about each student/candidate. To learn more about UC San Diego's Joint PhD Program with UC Irvine, visit the PhD Program page.


  • Bosong Kim

    Bosong Kim

    Fourth-year PhD student
  • profile placeholder image

    Haejin Bang

    First-year PhD student
  • Haïa R’nana Bchiri

    Haïa R’nana Bchiri

    Fourth-year PhD student with research focus in Ancient Mediterranean performance, female power and patriarchal historiography in the ancient world, gender and performances of power, early modern theatre and politics, and performances of divinity.
  • Emma Clarke

    Emma Clarke

    Second-year PhD student.
  • Desmond Hassing

    Desmond Hassing

    Sixth-year PhD student with research focus in models of American Indian representation in modern media in 20th Century America and the effects of such representations on US Indian policy.
  • Michelle Huynh

    Michelle Huynh

    Fifth-year PhD candidate with research focus in Southeast Asian performance studies, Asian/intercultural theatre, cultural studies, affect theory, ethnographic and practice-as-research methods.
  • Kristin Leadbetter

    Kristin Leadbetter

    Seventh-year PhD candidate with research focus in Acting theory, acting pedagogy, communication theory, and applied theatre.
  • Jazmine Simone Logan

    Jazmine Simone Logan

    Third-year PhD student with research focus in African theater, African American theater, Afrocentricity, race and performance in theater pedagogy, cultural competency, critical race theory, and social justice work in theater education.
  • Nic Rodriguez Villafañe

    Nic Rodriguez Villafañe

    Second-year PhD student.
  • Madison Mae Williams

    Madison Mae Williams

    Sixth-year PhD candidate with research focus in American musical theatre, the Black Power/Arts movements, horror and the uncanny, performance for children, and the films of Stanley Kubrick and John Cassavetes.
  • G Yi

    G Yi

    Third-year PhD student with research focus in Performance Studies, Queer/Transgender Studies, Disability [Justice] Studies, Indigenous and diasporic Korean cultures and traditions, critical theory and decolonial thought, the pedagogy and practice of community-based embodied healing, survivorship in countercultures, theory in the flesh, and spiritual performance and transformation.
  • Yi-Jen Yu

    Yi-Jen Yu

    Seventh-year PhD student with research focus in the convergence of performance studies, cultural studies, and material culture studies to explore the momentum of transitional justice in the texture and tactility of non-life objects.