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Bosong Kim

First-year PhD Student


Bosong Kim is a first-year PhD student with a BA in Dance Theory from Korea National University of Arts and an MA in Performing Arts Studies from Seoul National University. Her passion for theatre arts started out from dancing when she was young. Her research lies at the intersection of theatre and dance where the body becomes the core expressive medium. Bosong is particularly interested in how the body came to be accepted as an autonomous material itself during the postmodern era especially through performance art as opposed to being subordinated to, or being mere carrier of the literary text in theatre historically. In expansion of such perspective, she wishes to explore the social and cultural inscriptions of the body revealed through performances during her PhD study.

Born and raised in South Korea, Bosong had multicultural experiences while living in LA and practiced different forms of art including architecture and popular music before pursuing theatre and dance academically. She is a performer, researcher, and organizer of performing arts; Aside from specializing in Korean Dance, she performed ethnic dances of China, Japan, and India at university theatres and the National Assembly in Korea. She did comparative study of the Court Dances of East Asia in addition to staging performances of artists from overseas as an assistant researcher at The World Ethnic Dance Institute. Also, she was an organizer of the Seoul International Dance Competition.


Cultural and social inscriptions of the bodyPerformance Artcorporeality


BA in Dance Theory, Korea National University of Arts 

MA in Performing Arts StudiesSeoul National University