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नेहा & Neel

May 18 - June 8 | Potiker Theatre

by Ankita (अंकिता) Raturi. Directed by Rosie (रोज़ी) Glen-Lambert.


About the Show

Neha (नेहा) fears she has failed to pass her language and culture down to her seventeen-year-old son, Neel (नील). A summer trip to visit colleges could be Neha’s last chance, if only she can get Neel to visit the historic Hope Diamond and witness a piece of Indian history for himself. नेहा & Neel asks what we lose with every generation in America, and if it’s ever too late to connect with your roots.

Content Warning

Loud noises, flashing lights.


This production of नेहा & Neel is dedicated to Ankita’s Nani, Kusum Joshi. And to every grandmother who works hard to stay close from a distance.



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PREVIEW May 18 @ 7:00pm

May 30 @ 7:30pm

June 3 @ 2:00pm

June 3 @ 7:30pm

June 7 @ 7:30pm

June 8 @ 7:30pm


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  The Cast

Neha: Swarupa (स्वरूपा) Ellamaraju
Neel: Seth (सेत) Gunawardena
Arnav/Avatars: Sashank (सशांक) Kanchustambam

The Creative Team

Assistant Director: Jaz (जेज़) Johnson
Assistant Director: Diya  (दिया)  Rao
Casting Associate: Sashank (सशांक) Kanchustambam
Assistant Scenic Designer: Sparrow (स्पैरो) Naito
Assistant Costume Designer: Keegan (कीगन) Barquilla
Assistant Costume Designer: Faith (फ़ेत) Garcia
Assistant Lighting Designer: Sydney (सिड्नी) Primeaux
Associate Lighting Designer: Russell Chow
Assistant Sound Designer: Deepta (दीप्ता) Bharadwaj
Dramaturg: Rishika (ऋषिका) Mehrishi
Production Stage Manager: Katie (केडी) Davis
Assistant Stage Manager: Juhi (जुही) Sabharwal
Assistant Stage Manager: Shaila (शाईला) Sarathy
Production Assistant: Aiden (एडन) Meyndert

Pit Crew

Rachel (रेचल) Baum, Sarah (सारा) Frazin, Kendehl (केंडल) Hill, Hannah  (हाना) Littler, Aiden (एडन) Meyndert, Clara (क्लारा) Williams


Our Crew

Wardrobe Crew: Yerli Bolainez, Diana Gawad, Celia Carton, Anjolie Olacheck, Cybil Hellerud

Light Board Operator: Humberto Rojo

Deck Crew: Samantha Cooke, Chelsey Andrade, Kristina Little

Sound Board Operator: Farimehr Seyednia

A2: Brandon Julien

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About the Director

Rosie (रोज़ी) Glen-Lambert (she/her) is a second-year MFA Directing student. She is the Artistic Director and Founder of The Attic Collective, an award-winning Los Angeles based theatre company.  Before beginning graduate school, Rosie served as the Literary Manager of Inkwell Theater from 2018-2022. Rosie received her BA from UC Santa Cruz. UC San Diego credits: The Winter’s Tale, Machinal, limp wrist on the lever, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. Select other directing credits include: Spring Awakening, Curse of the Starving Class, Dead Dog’s Bone: A Birthday Play, and The Last Croissant. See more at


About the Playwright

Ankita (अंकिता) Raturi (she/her) writes in Hindi/Urdu and English about living between cultural identities and contending with the ongoing legacies of colonization. Her storytelling is shaped by migration, multilingualism, lineage, generational loss, queerness, and chronic illness. She is the 2022 Bret Adams and Paul Reisch Foundation’s Ollie Award winner. Current commissions include: Artists at Play & A.P.A.F.T.; E.S.T./Sloan; Cygnet/Finish Line, South Coast Rep/Elizabeth George. Her work has been developed at Playwrights Realm, Cygnet Theatre, Artists at Play, The COOP, Atlantic Pacific Theatre, Theater Masters, Hypokrit Theatre Company, New York Shakespeare Exchange, Pete’s Candy Store, and Natyabharati. Her devised work with Charlotte Murray has been produced at Fresh Ground Pepper, Corkscrew Theater Festival, Dixon Place. Ankita received her B.F.A. in Drama at NYU/Tisch and is a 3rd-year Playwriting M.F.A. candidate at UC San Diego. Instagram: @ankitawrites. Representation: Chris Till and Anne Sawyier, Verve.