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Man In Love. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg (2019)Man In Love (2019). Photo: Manuel Rotenberg.

Theatre and Dance Double Major

The double major in Theatre and Dance provides students with a solid academic and artistic base in both theatre and dance disciplines. Furthermore, requirements for this double major will create stronger and more experienced directors (for their exposure to choreography), choreographers (for their exposure to directing), actors (for the poise and strength they will attain from dance), and dancers (for having confronted text and character).

Students have the opportunity to perform in the Theatre and Dance Departmental productions and receive academic credit. The Theatre and Dance productions are held in the Theatre District shared with the Tony award-winning La Jolla Playhouse.

A Theatre and Dance double major cannot be declared until officially accepted into UCSD. Students must completes at least 90 units and no more than 135 units. Meet with the department’s undergraduate coordinator as soon as possible to create an academic plan to work towards the double major.

Click here for the Double Major requirements

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