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winterWORKS Dance

choreographed by faculty members Eric GeigerRebecca Chaleff, Dr. grace shinhae jun, and guest artist jewel.



Performance Dates

March 11th, 12th, and 13th at 7:30pm



Method of Presentation and Ticketing

Live-streamed on our digital platform. Tickets are free of charge. Please RSVP using this Google Form. 



Your Love is Queen - Eric Geiger and Rebecca Chaleff

Still...I Am - Dr. grace shinhae jun

everythingisanexperiment: an untitled assortment of Self—
personhood held in contradiction (episode 1). - jewel.



Your Love is Queen Performers

in collaboration with Eric Geiger and Rebecca Chaleff

Clarisa Bautista 
Sarah Chan 
William Kessinger 
Patrick Li 
Dylan Perlson 
Mia Van-deloo 
Annie Wang  


Click  image to view full program


everythingisanexperiment: an untitled assortment of Self—personhood held in contradiction (episode 1). Performers

in collaboration with Jewel

India Meñete
Kristy Vang


Still...I am Performers

in collaboration with Dr. grace shinhae jun

Freddy Rosero
Kristy Vang
Madenn Walikis
Louis Zapien


The Creative Team

Choreographers/Directors: Eric Geiger, Rebecca Chaleff, Dr. grace shinhae jun, and jewel.
Scenic Designer: Michael Wogulis
Lighting Designer: Shelby Thach
Sound Designer: Salvador Zamora
Production Stage Manager - Allison Bailey


Please consider supporting everythingisanexperiment:  a multi-disciplinary collective of Black and brown artists engaging in experimental poetics, creative-directed by winterWORKS choreographer Jewel. You can read more about the collective and ways to support below: 



jewel. believes in fostering sustainable creative ecosystems, in which the artists hold full agency over their collaboration and work. They are the founder of a Black and brown film production company, called everythingisanexperiment.

everythingisanexperiment is a multidisciplinary collective of Black and brown artists engaging in experimental poetics.  We are storytellers, animated through mosaicism and unearthing of truth, and complexity in form and approach. This winterWORKS film production is the first culmination of the everythingisanexperiment collective.  Brilliant creatives from varying regions of the country (andii ayana, Moses Mai Cabrera, Alexis Eubank, Matan Itah, India Meñete, Daija Marie Moss, Talia Paulette Oliveras, Angeles Tellez, Andre Thompson, Kezia Waters) virtually gathered for weekly experiments to build these stories, concepts, visuals, sounds, and much more. 

Follow @everythingisanexperiment on Instagram to stay updated about future episodes and to support this initiative.  Share and donate to our community fundraiser!