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Mylan Gray

First-year MFA Playwriting Student


Mylan Gray (they/he) is an Eagle Scout turned playwright from Kansas City, KS, who uses their gift of the tongue to imagine a way out, a way through, a way (back) to love. His writing dares us to seek more of ourselves and this world. They have received the Lorraine Hansberry Award from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for their play, Buried in Blood. Their work has been developed by the Tank Theater, the Workshop Theater, the Kansas City Public Theater, the Whim Theater Company, and the Writing Downtown Residency in Las Vegas. He is a graduate of Stanford University, where he received the Kennel Jackson Jr. Award, the Braden Storytelling Grant, and a Chappell Lougee Scholarship. They are co-producer of the LIT Council of the Tank Theater, and have written fiction podcasts for LWC Studios. His work draws on his deep reverence for Brazil and a penchant for spiritual journeying. When he is not writing, reading, or watching films, he is in the woods soaking up the songs of birds and listening to the world's oldest keeper of stories: the trees.


 Bachelor of Arts with Honors: Black Studies, Stanford University