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Forum interior - seatsPhoto courtesy of La Jolla Playhouse.


Mandell Weiss Forum Theatre - Technical Information and Specifications

General Information


380 seats in the normal configuration. An additional 20 seats are available when the Voms are covered. Advanced arrangements must be made for the additional seating.

Handicapped Access

The Forum has removable seats to accommodate patrons with wheelchairs. Access to the house via a long gentle ramp. Audio description for the visually impaired, headsets for hearing enhancement, and sign language interpretation, are usually offered for one performance of each production.

House Policies

House opens one half hour before performance. The curtain for evening performances, excluding Sunday, is at 7:30 PM . The curtain for Matinees is at 2 PM. The curtain for Sunday performances is at 7 PM. The theatre is usually dark on Monday.

Green Room

Measures 16' x 16'. Located adjacent to dressing rooms at stage level. Equipped with a pay phone, coffee, hot water, a chilled water dispenser, vending machines and a refrigerator.

Stage Door

Located near the Green Room on stage level. There is no smoking is allowed outside this door, as UC San Diego is a smoke-free campus.

Dressing Rooms

There are two chorus dressing rooms on stage level; one with a capacity for 18 persons (men's), the other with a capacity for 12 persons (women's). Each dressing room has sinks, make-up mirrors, showers and toilets.

Quick Change Rooms

Each Vom has room for a quick change area just off the thrust as well as room for quick changes in the offstage hallways SR and SL.

Wardrobe Room

The wardrobe room is located near dressing rooms with basic sewing supplies, washer and dryer, and a sink. Sewing facilities are located in the Weiss Theatre. There is no dry cleaning on site.

Rehearsal Room

2,240 square feet of performance/rehearsal space is available from June through August. Rehearsal space features a permanent lighting grid @ 18' 0" and an ETC Acclaim 336 control console. There are a pair of loading doors with an overall opening of 18' 0"h x 13' 0".

Control Room (Booth)

Located in the rear of the auditorium, up one flight from the back of the house. Audio monitor, infra-red video monitor available upon request. Two channel production communication system.

Technical Measurements

The information included in this outline is usable for general purposes and non-critical measurements. Separate technical drawings made from actual measurements of the space are available upon request.


 Loading Dock

Dock is 3' high. It is located directly off the main access road (Weiss Lane). Two trucks can be accommodated. Equipment and scenery may be loaded straight onto the stage. The loading door in from the dock measures 18' 0"h x 12' 0" and leads through the SL wall of the stage.

Stage Dimensions

Three quarter thrust with 2 Vom entrances. Plaster line is located at the very US edge of the concrete rise for the first row.

Stage to bottom of catwalks: 21' 6"
Stage to bottom of lower pipe: 22' 0"
Stage to catwalk handrail: 26' 0"
Stage to US Pipes: 24' 6"
Width of stage area: 78' 5" USL wall to USR wall
41' 9" @ plaster line
27' 9" DSL Vom to DSR Vom (DS point)
Depth of stage: 54' 1" DSC thrust to US wall.
27' 7" DSC thrust to plaster line
26' 6" Plaster line to Us wall
Stage floor surface: 5/8 MDF on tongue & groove plus 1" ply on fir sleepers w/ neoprene padding.


56 Í 4' x 4' pressure skin construction. MDF plus 3/4 ply, steel framed & sound insulated, w/ 1/4 ply bottom skins.
Stage to trap room floor: 4' 0"
Trap room depth 44' 0" at CL (Begins 6' 9" from DSC)
Trap room width: 16' 0" on thrust. Split at CL
64' 0" at 7' 1" US of PL (trap access)
Voms: 12' 0"w ramps w/ flexible angle configurations.

Soft Goods Inventory

The information included in this outline is based on the latest available inventory. Specific goods should be confirmed with Technical Director.

  • 6 23' 7"h x 10' 0" Back Velour Legs, no fullness (3 pairs)
  • 3 6' 0"h x 60' 0" Back Velour Borders, chain at bottom.
  • 2 24' 0"h x 30' 0" Black Velour Panel, 150% fullness
  • 1 23' 6"h x 60' 0" White Cyc (damage on SL end)
  • 1 23' 6"h x 60' 0" White Cyc Scrim
  • 1 22' 0"h x 60' 0" Black Scrim


Lighting at the Mandell Weiss Forum

Please contact Mike Doyle at for information regarding lighting in the Mandell Weiss Forum.

Important Phone Numbers:

Backstage Phone (858) 534-4063
Booth Phone (858) 534-3645