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The Nether


The Nether

 by Jennifer Haley

directed by Jim Short/PhD Candidate

As technology advances, we are increasingly pushed to consider, draw, evaluate, and re-draw the lines by which we understand the distinction between reality and imagination; between object and idea. Jennifer Haley’s
The Nether forces us into the (near) future when digital avatars and online realms offer new potentials for not only work and play, but also for the exploration of anything that one might dream. Join us and plug into the Nether. Evaluate for yourself if imaginary relationships can have real meaning as you skirt the edges of digital ethics and real-world morality. 

This show is part of Quartet, a new performance opportunity of four productions presented in rotating rep with smaller cast sizes, a greater diversity of content, and specifically for the Undergraduate area. 


Show dates: December 9, 10, 11 &12 @ 7:30


Method of Presentation and Ticketing

Presented on our digital platform. Tickets are free of charge. Ticket link coming soon. 


The Cast

Papa/Sims: Alex Savage
Iris: Kelly Hatfield
Morris: Meg Farinsky
Doyle: Riohn Jones
Woodnut: Ben McLaren


The Creative Team

Director: Jim Short
Assistant Director: Lily Tholfsen
Stage Manager: Gemma Maliszewski
Scenic Designer: Michael Wogulis
Video Designer: Nancy Chao
Sound Designer: Hailey Brown
Lighting Designer: Stella Hill
Assistant Stage Manager: Meghan Stern
Assistant Sound Designer: Marisa Viola
Assistant Scenic Designer: Tess Jordahl
Production Assistant: Ruby Hays
Production Assistant: Kate McLeod


Company Bios

Jim Short (Director) is a PhD Candidate in Theatre and Drama at the University of California, San Diego. As a scholar, his research interests include the commedia dell’arte, masking, embodiment and corporeality, children studies, and theories of risk. These areas of interest have continually infused Jim’s practice, which is guided by a strong physical vocabulary and a willingness to play with bold risks. As a practitioner, Jim had a full career as actor, director, and educator specializing in performances for/by/with children as he worked for the National Theatre for Children, Lexington Children’s Theatre, Arkansas Arts Center’s Children Theatre, and InSight Theatre. At UCSD, he has assistant directed The Venetian Twins and Anansi the Spider in addition to dramaturging Streamers and Jefferson Middle School Monthly. Working to stay active in the larger San Diego area, Jim had the pleasure of serving as dramaturg for the San Diego Rep’s Vietgone and worked with new project development with the Native Film and Storytelling Institute.