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LAB/Winter 2020

Show dates:   Weeks 7-11 of Winter Quarter

Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre


About the Lab

In the winter of 2020, UC San Diego Department of Theatre & Dance will introduce LAB, a five-week festival of student driven works presented in the flexible Shank Theatre during weeks 7-11. This exciting fringe program will offer students from all areas of Theatre & Dance to submit proposals and have their speed projects presented in one to three night presentations. Intended as an opportunity for invention, exploration and research, all staged pieces will be devised and produced entirely by students, limited only by creativity and imagination!

The Shows


February 18 at 8:00pm & February 19 at 8:00pm
Clockwork Orange
A retelling of part one of the classic novel, set in the dark web.
Director - Chris Flagstad
ALEX- Christine Penn
GEORGE - Alex gruenenfelder
PETE - Jacobe Halpern Weitzman
DIM - Mary Rose Branick
BILLYBOY - Andrew Lynch

February 18 at 2:030pm (with talk back)
Set in current harsh realities, Separateland follows the lives, ordeals, and cosmological world of five immigrant children separated from their parents but reunited by destiny. As Griselda, Mario, Paco, and Fabio’s lives entwine, they seek escape in a cosmological world created in the image of ancient Mayan civilizations, giving them a brief daily moment of retreat that helps them to endure in an environment that no child should have to endure. Together, they learn the meaning of resilience, friendship, hope, faith, and the realities of a rotten system, seeking a quiet strength and unity for survival.
Written By Cynthia Galaz Ochoa
Directed By Cynthia Galaz Ochoa
Producer Jasmine Kalra
Stage Manager Mariah Tobin Scenic/Lighting Design/Tech Director Jasmine Kalra/ Natalie Hill.
Sol Garay as Fabio Aapo
Jackeline Castro as Griselda
Ryan Martinez as Mario
Alejandro Carrera as Paco
Celine Castro as Rolando
Vrindavani Moujan as Yadira
Roberto Perez-Kempton as Guard One
Jimmy Xie as Guard Two


February 28 at 7:30pm & February 29 at 2:00pm, 7:30pm (with talk back)
We Wear The Mask a Devised Piece
This play, is an adaptation of a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. It follows the journey of Walter, and with the "help" of Tabula Rasa, he embarks on a journey that defies space and time to understand what it means to have an identity and ultimately find the truth.
Playwright/Director: Christian Johnson
Assistant Director:Helena Lopez
Dramaturge: Yi-Jen Michelle Yu
Stage Manager: Arleen Jia Rasing
Scenic Design: Chen Hsi-an
Lighting Design: Sofia(Fia) Nguyen
Sound Design: Ava Schneider
Costume Design: Kara Reynolds
Walter -- Clarence Lightfoot III
Tabula Rasa -- Hongxun(Michael)Huang
Porhyromonas Gingivalis -- Bianca Eatmon
Sundiata Keita/Defense -- Rehema Ally-Lifa
Sean Herrera -- Miguel Trevino-Gurrola
Alex Herrera -- Anoushka Dave
Prosecution--Andrew Olsen
Ensemble: Ryan Ritterby


March 3 at 6:00pm
Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles
Acclaimed Chicano playwright Luis Alfaro expertly uses Greek myths to craft Chicanx stories, reflecting anew on these tragic tales while unearthing the epic proportions of the conditions imposed on Latinx life in the US. The latest in this trajectory, Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles is the story of an immigrant family, betrayal, love and the mystical. This staged reading inaugurates an annual Latinx Play Reading series which will give an opportunity to the UCSD theater community to engage with old and new Latinx works that critically reflect the most urgent and poetic stories from this diverse community.
Director - Juliana Kleist-Mendez
cast includes: Savanna Padilla, Natalia Quintero-Riestra, Joe Maldonado, Jaqueline Castro, Rickie, Joseff Paz

March 3 at 7:00pm & 8:00pm & March 4 at 7:00pm & 8:00pm
Peoria: A Live Podcast Experience
A live reading of the first episode of PEORIA, an original fictional podcast. The reading will use binaural microphones to create a 3-D sound experience for the audience. The series follows Tracy, a rookie cop investigating the disappearance of a young woman. As Tracy begins to uncover the secrets surrounding the young woman's disappearance, Tracy discovers their connection may be deeper than cop/victim.
Writer/ Creator: India Gurley
Composer: Mikey Kettinger
Sound Designer:Stephen Jensen

March 6 & March 7 at 9pm
AHC is a devised experimental dance theatre piece, which explores the impact that trauma has on the human condition, both psychologically and physically, through the utilization of Grotowski’s voice and movement work. AHC examines the monotony of the human condition through abstract video art, soundscapes, music, and movement. AHC is based on the real accounts of the cast.
Produced by: Amir-Ali Aftabi, Angel Berlanga, Natalie Calderon, Joseph Maldonado, Sarah Taylor, Madenn Walikis
Stage Manager: Sarah Taylor
Directed by: Amir-Ali Aftabi
Cast: Arianna Nicole Fawk, Nicolas Perez Kempton, Benjamin McLaren, India Menete, Vrindavani Moujan, Jimmy Gray X
Script by: Amir-Ali Aftabi, Ahmed Baig, Angel Berlanga , Joseph Maldonado
Choreographed by: Sashank Kanchustabam, Madenn Walikis, Olivia Jewel, Tristan Samson
Sound and Music Supervisor: Carlos-Rios Dominguez
Lead Composer: Martine Xenja
Music Composed by: Gesaffelstein, Amir-Ali Aftabi, Parham Parsa, Solimon Tawfiq, Martine Xenja
Digital Media Supervisor: Juriel Furukawa
Video Artists: Amir Aftabi, Akshay Arora, Angel Berlanga, Juan Cabral, Catrina Fielis, Paris Ghassemian, Jake Hindley
Scenic Design by: Arianna Nicole Fawk
Vocal Coaches: Diego Estrada, Carly Sheina Taylor
Dramaturgy: Fatima Charara
Costume Design by: Kanye West

March 6 & March 7 at 7pm
Sorry, Wrong Number
Alone, at night, a woman overhears a mysterious phone call about a murder. Who's going to die tonight?
Producer & Co-Director: Xin Tong
Co-Director & Costume Designer Zif Ye
Stage Manager Hongxun Michael Huang
Lighting Designer Stella Hill

March 7 at 1pm
Xander is the newest employee at retrofits, a hip retail store in Los Angeles. As Xander begins to learn how to navigate the ins and outs of the retail world, him and his fellow millennial co-workers start to get tangled up in a web of relationships that eventually evaporates. Retrofit(s) examines the ways in which the millennial generation is retrofitting what “American Culture” is, and the inescapable nature of cultural exploitation
Playwright & Director: Xavier Clark
Anthony Adu
Grayson Heyl
Joseph Maldonado
Jada Owens
Savanna Padilla
Lois Shih
Jimmy Xie
Stage Directions: Kali Boston


March 9 at 6pm
Someone With Nerve
A staged reading of an original full-length play by first year MFA Acting candidate Noah Keeling. An unapologetically queer coming-of-age teen comedy, Someone With Nerve depicts the senior year of Judah St. James, a 17-year-old boy determined to be on Broadway no matter what. So, when his director refuses to cast him as Mama Rose in this year’s musical, Gypsy, he devises the only logical solution: staging a one-man production of Gypsy, starring himself, the same weekend as the school’s production. What does it cost to be a star?
Director: Sam Keamy-Minor
Playwright: Noah Keeling

March 11 at 3:45 pm, 8:30pm
Sylvia is your average college student, just like you! She eats poorly, struggles with responsibility, hasn't slept in a few days, and spends her nights in a negotiation with a creature called Demon who has been torturing her for years! Follow her as she attempts to write a short story, maintain a long distance relationship, balance parental expectations, and not descend into madness.
Director/Playwright: Sophia Harris
Production Manager: Jasmine Kalra
Stage Manager: Meghan Stern
Lighting Designer: Stella Hill
Costume Designer: Maggie Allen
Assistant Costume Designer: Tommy Goss
Sylvia: Siobhan Aida O'Reilly
Demon: Elijah Douglas
LOVER: Philip Joenerup
MA/PA: Sophia Ehrlich

March 13 at 8:00pm & March 14 at 11:30am
Semi-Autobiographical Queer Love Story
Guy & Lady, two best friends struggling with their sexual identities, deal with navigating the platonic love they have for each other and the romantic love people tell them they are in. In this unconventional love story, interspersed with autobiographical asides, Guy & Lady try to overcome the great expectations everyone seems to have for them and how they want to live their lives.
Lighting Design — Dean Collins Jr.
Scenic & Costume Design — Alyssa Kane
Sound Design — Evan Season

March 14 reading @ 6:00p
No foot fairies allowed in the masculine virile game of soccer
Director: Lamar Perry
Stage Manager: Jacob Russell
Cast: UCSD Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Actors
Stage Directions: Emily Stout

Saturday, March 14th, 8pm
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
Directed by Christine Penn
Petra von Kant - Mary Rose Branick
Marlene - Keiko Green
Karin - Natalia Quintero-Riestra
Sidonie - Lee Vignes
Valerie von Kant - Eva Barnes
Gabriele von Kant - Juliana Scheding
Ensemble - Jordan Smith
Ensemble - Noah Israel
Stage Manager - Emily Searles
Scenic Designer - Sam Keamy-Minor
Costume Designer - Dorottya Vincze
Lighting Designer - Justin Beets
Sound Designer - Andrew Lynch
Dramaturge- Jesse Marchese


March 17 at 2pm & March 18 at 10pm (Dress rehearsal: March 16)
I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road
Originally produced by The Public Theater, I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road, was a milestone in the integration of rock-and-roll and musical theater. It opened June 14, 1978 at the Public Theater and later moved to the Circle in the Square for a total of 1,165 performances, making it one of the most successful Off-Broadway musicals of all time. The book and lyrics are by Gretchen Cryer, with music by Nancy Ford. The show follows Heather Jones as she puts together her new cabaret act featuring songs about her own empowerment, much to the dismay of her manager who tries to convince her to go back to her old act.
Producers: Jacob Halpern Weitzman and Amara Granderson
Music Director: Maddie Williams
Director: Mara Nelson-Greenberg
Choreographer: Marcos Duran
Dramaturg: Vivian Barnes
Scenic Designer: Hsi-An Chen
Costume Designer: Dorottya Vincze
Lighting Designer: Mextly Couzin
Sound Designer: Stephen Jensen
Stage Manager: Topaz Cooks

March 19 at 7:30pm
Welcome to the annual Reality Evangelical Church youth group lock-in! We have an exciting evening planned, including: A special “boys-only” sermon. A contract. An illicit romance. A plan. And prayer, of course! Lots and lots of prayer! Purified looks at the joys of vulnerability, the notion of deletion, and all the bizarre elements that make up Purity Culture.

March 20 at 8:00pm
Grown-up: A Solo Show
Inspired by a series of interviews taken with children over the past five years, interspersed with stories from her own life, Grown-up tackles the question: What's the hardest part about growing up? Through these hilarious and sweet interviews, plus these personal anecdotes, Emily takes us from the 90's to now, examining the idea of childhood wonder, how fleeting it can be, and the ways in which we can potentially hold onto it.
Director: Mary Rose Branick
Stage Manager: Jacob Russell
Set and Projection Design: Sam Keamy-Minor
Lighting Design: Mextly Couzin
Sound Design: Stephen Jensen and Andrew Lynch
Costume Design: Daniella Toscano