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This exciting fringe program offers students from all areas of Theatre + Dance an opportunity to submit proposals and have their work presented during weeks 10 and 11. Intended as a DIY opportunity for invention, exploration and research, all pieces will be devised and produced entirely by students. We supply platforms for promotion--students supply the content, creativity and imagination!

These projects will follow all COVID restrictions mandated by the department at the time of the production.


Three, Two, ONE ACTS

plays by by Danniel Ureña, Kali Mitchell-Silbaugh and Ty Nii

directed by Danniel Ureña, Steve Llamas, Lauren Dong, and Kaitlyn Dunn 

produced by Company 157

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Ticketing: click to register for free tickets


March 7th @ 8PM and March 8th @ 7PM


THREE student written plays, TWO nights of performances, all ONE ACTS, produced by Company 157! With three very versatile plays; "Casa" by Danniel Ureña, "Dying Art" by Kali Mitchell-Silbaugh, and "Rot" by Ty Nii, these stories explore human relations and personal struggles in unique and adventurous ways.



by Fabricio Apuy Novella

directed by Ryan Ritterby

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre


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March 9th @9pm 
March 10th @7:30pm with a talkback

This story follows the complicated relationships of a powerful family of emotions that have been in constant debate over saving one of their own. By personifying all of the emotions we feel as humans, Hope takes a deeper look into humanity and our estranged relationship with choice, God, and Hope. 


Circle Mirror Transformation: A Queering

based on the play by Annie Baker

directed by Benjamin McLaren

Venue: Galbraith Hall Room 23

Ticketing: click to register for free tickets


March 9th, 10th, 11th @ 7:30pm
In the world we live in, we get precious little time to escape the lonesome pressures of Hard Work and engage in something fun with other people. We are told to keep our heads down and work— that we are part of a whole organism called capitalism and we must play our part. We must fit in to the mold made for us and take our place in society as Hard Workers. We must fit the mold of a perfect citizen— a 9-5 job, an endless work ethic, a spouse of the opposite gender, and no time to let loose and have fun. Daring to prioritize interpersonal relationships over a hard day’s work is a revolutionary act. We are taught to fulfill our roles not only as workers but as one of two binaries: the Strong Man or the Gentle Woman. Heteronormativity permeates every aspect of the business world. In Circle Mirror Transformation, we see the 5 characters take a break from a heavy workday and have fun in a local acting class. They step out of their comfort zones and try something new. And over the course of 6 weeks, they connect— but not everything is seamless. In a world of escaping capitalism to have a fun Saturday afternoon acting class, can Marty, James, Theresa, Lauren, and Schultz escape heteronormativity as well, and connect through the queerness in their midst? Come see Circle Mirror Transformation and watch these five beautiful human beings act, play, and feel— together. 
circle mirror transformation


No Exit

by Jean-Paul Sartre

directed by Laylena Zipkin

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Showings: March 12 @ 7PM

Three damned souls arrive in Hell, bracing themselves to suffer burning, stretched out flesh and red-hot pitchforks for all of eternity. However, they soon discover that their torture is much worse than anything they could’ve imagined: their torture is each other. Now forced to spend eternity under the judgemental, and malicious gaze of the other two people, each “absentee” has no other choice but to suffer their new reality. Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit is an existentialist masterpiece in which one truth is clear: Hell Is Other People.


Can I Even It Out

written by Steve Llamas

directed by Steve Llamas

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre



March 14th & 15th @ 7:30pm

Based on true events. Following the lives of high schooler, Fred and his childhood friend, Malcolm. In need of money, Fred, a church goer, resorts to the job of killing a rival of Malcolm’s gang. In the forces that has brought them there, it causes the irreversible actions of trying to find redemption in a world of legality over morality.







directed by Stephen Loftesnes

devised by the Mutants (Emma Lias, Lauren Dong,  Ben McClaren, Lisette Velandia, Stephen Loftesnes)

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre



March 18th & 19th @ 8:00pm


Transmogrify is an experimental dance piece devised by our brilliant group of young artists here at UCSD. It's set to the music of queer-revolutionary Arca and is greatly inspired by the avant-garde Japanese dance form of Butoh. It is frenetic, it is austere, it breaks the separation between organic and synthetic. It's nuts. It is a platform for queer self-actualization that goes far beyond codifiable identity. This is a show that bleeds when it's cut. It asks you to observe the incomprehensible amount of motion, metamorphosis, and mutation that is present even in something as perceptibly still as a stone. It asks the question:

What forms are possible when you allow yourself to transmogrify?