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FALL LAB Projects

This exciting fringe program offers students from all areas of Theatre + Dance an opportunity to submit proposals and have their work presented during weeks 10 and 11. Intended as a DIY opportunity for invention, exploration and research, all pieces will be devised and produced entirely by students. We supply platforms for promotion--students supply the content, creativity and imagination!

These projects will follow all COVID restrictions mandated by the department at the time of the production.


LAB Projects  



by Trevor Rinzler 

directed by Remi Pham

produced by Company 157

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Ticketing: click to reserve tickets.

Tuesday, November 30 @7:30PM
Wednesday, December 1 @7:30PM


Vampires in trench coats, nihilist teddy bears, nuclear bombs, and, of course, a talking rabbit. Welcome to Paranoir, a macabre city inhabited by the absurd and paranormal. Led by the oddball radio host, Saint Limelight, we follow our protagonist as they desperately untangle a kidnapping that threatens their city and their relationships.


A Night at the Grand-Guginol

directed by Alex Savage

Venue: Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre

Ticketing: click to reserve tickets.

Thursday, December 2 @8:30PM


Four one Acts. One night of terror and comedy. This lab is fully restaging some of Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol's greatest hits for one night only! This classic Parisian "Theatre of Horror" is finally coming to San Diego as this program features full ~30-20 minute performances of some of theatre's most renowned works: Progress, The Lighthouse Keepers, The Lovers, and The Final Kiss. 
Content Warning: this show features Instances of simulated violence, simulated gender-based violence, simulated drug-use, intimate themes, and an unhealthy amount of stage blood.



Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom: A Staged Reading

by Jennifer Haley

directed by Ben McLaren

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Ticketing: click here for tickets.

Thursday, December 2 @4:30PM


The fantasy world of American Suburbia is a twisted one. White picket fences, neatly-trimmed shrubbery, houses of the same color as far as the eye can see— no individuality of any kind. This is a place where rules and regulations, upheld by the Neighborhood Association, ensure a constant state of serenity. You must keep your lawn perfectly trimmed, you must keep your house painted exactly the right shade of gray, you must not be too loud or you’ll disturb the neighbors. These rules and regulations start to restrict not only where we live, but the way we live. Mothers tell their sons to stop crying and man up. Fathers tell their daughters to cover themselves and dress like women. Everyone must perform the image of a perfect American family, or be kicked out of the neighborhood. Harmony becomes conformity. When someone appears to not fit the strict rules and regulations of this suburban dystopia and it’s ominous Neighborhood Association that ensures this conformity at any cost... there’s no telling what horrors may ensue. With the catalyst of a hyper-realistic zombie apocalypse video game, Jennifer Haley’s Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom explores what can happen when you get lost in a fantasy world— virtual or not— and begin to view even your closest family members as Zombies.


My Family Caught Me Masturbating at Thanksgiving: A Solo Performance by Honkle Greenbeef

A workshop production written, directed and performed by Henry Greenberg

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Ticketing: Click to reserve tickets.

Saturday, December 4 @8PM

is about one actor's attempt to be vulnerable. Coming soon! 



by Harrison Foster and Stewart Blackwood

Venue: Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre

Ticketing: unticketed; visitors may come and go. 

Friday, December 3 @8PM-10PM
Saturday, December 4 @6PM-10PM


Using a combination of video effects exploring time we will engage the audience with an interactive art making experience. By recording their gestures in real time we can edit and distort a reproduction of their image on multiple television screens. 



written and directed by Benjamin Diaz

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Ticketing: unticketed

Monday, December 6 @7:30pm
Tuesday, December 7 @7:30pm


A staged reading with 4-5 characters about a person in a coma that is lost in the bureaucracy of the U.S health care system. Allegory or metaphor for The “Latinex” Vote in the U.S. Underrepresented, overlooked, uninformed population.


Visions of Bodies Being Burned

Created and choreographed by Emmalias

adapted from music by clipping.

Venue: Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre

Ticketing: click here for tickets.

Monday, December 6 @7:30PM
Tuesday, December 7 @7:30PM


The piece is research-based horror ballet to the music of spoken word/rap group clipping. After having 16 years of classical dance training I'm looking to return to the form for the first time in a number of years in order to look at the place of storytelling and horror in the typically strict ballet form. I write horror fairly frequently, and I believe that there is space for huge intersection between body horror and ballet. This would be a space for experimentation and research which would foster ensemble creativity and exploration.



VISION: by CITY PIGEON (Ángel Nieves)

Venue: Arthur Wagner Theatre

Ticketing: click to reserve tickets.

Saturday, December 11 @7PM


1 LIFE is a celebration of life and all that comes with it on the journey. It is a concert experience that will showcase a range of artists and realms of performances with the use of experimental lights and music transitions. This is a moment to share and listen to pieces that each artist has desired to bring to the stage. In the sharing of each piece, we intend to breathe life back to the people in the room that we've had an opportunity to cross on our paths through art and creation. 





I _____ You

written by Kali Mitchell-Silbaugh

directed by Abigail Hood

Produced by Company157

Venue: Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre

Ticketing: click to reserve tickets.

Wednesday, December 8 @8PM
Saturday, December 11 @2PM


Love: is it humanity's greatest strength, or our biggest weakness? In a world where the concept of love is forbidden, two scientists create the L-Bug2000 with the goal of studying and controlling love. However, when their creation escapes and begins to wreak havoc in a local grocery store, the scientists are forced to reconsider their understanding of what love really is. Is it gifts, ice cream, and Kenny Chesney songs? Or is it something more?