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Studio Shakes - Double Bill

Romeo & Juliet and The Comedy of Errors (abridged versions)

February 29 - March 9 | Arthur Wagner Theatre




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Romeo & Juliet (abridged version)

by William Shakespeare. directed by Allie Moss (MFA 2)


About the Show

A queer retelling of Shakespeare's classic story of forbidden love.

Content Warning

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 The Cast

Abraham, U/S Benvolio - Racheal Baum

Prinestess Laura - Ruva Chigwedere

Paris, U/S Lord Montague & Tybalt - Vincent Del Rio

Chorus, U/S Romeo - Margaret D’Isa-Hogan

Mercutio - Victor Flores

Balthazar, U/S Lady Capulet - Sarah Frazin

Nurse, U/S Lady Montague & Priestess Jane - Audrey Freund

Lady Capulet, U/S Abraham & Sampson - Rachel Halili

Tybalt, U/S Paris & Balthazar - Tommy Huebner

Lady Montague & Priestess Jane, U/S Nurse & Major - Samantha Lebedev

Lord Capulet - Germainne Lebrón

Juliet - Colby Muhammad

Romeo - Ellen Nikbakht

Sampson & Apothecary, U/S Mercutio - Lowry Panttaja

Mayor, U/S Priestess Laura - Madeleine Schnack

Benvolio, U/S Chorus & Apothecary - Jeffrey Speirs

Lord Montague, U/S Gregory & Lord Capulet - Colby Vasquez

Gregory, U/S Juliet - Vivian White


Artistic & Production Team

Director - Allie Moss

Assistant Director - Gabi D’Amico

Assistant Director - Grace Carlson

Scenic Designer - Abby Miranda

Assistant Scenic Designer - Sophia Marcos-Jeronimo

Scenic Design Mentor - Eleanor Williams

Lighting Designer - Aunya Graham

Assistant Lighting Designer - Melody Vilitchai

Sound Designer - Harper Justus

Assistant Sound Designer - Kaileykielle Hoga

Costume Designer - Natalia Darwish

Dramaturg - Haia Bchiri

Intimacy Coordinator - Rachel Lee Flesher

Fight Choreographer - Jamie Newcomb

Voice & Text Coach - Ursula Meyer

Production Stage Manager - Avery Simonian

Assistant Stage Manager - Keira Roldan

Assistant Stage Manager - Annais Scott



About the Director

Allie Moss is a second-year MFA student originally from Columbus, Ohio. Prior to attending UCSD, she was based in San Francisco. Bay Area directing credits include Far Away (A.C.T. MFA Program), Restoration Master Reset (Cutting Ball Theater), Cloud 9 and American Hero (Custom Made Theatre Co.), and Hookman (A.C.T. Young Conservatory). Allie also served as the literary manager and casting associate at American Conservatory Theater, where she dramaturged mainstage productions, co-produced A.C.T.'s annual New Strands Festival, wrote A.C.T's policy on casting ethics, cast mainstage shows, and taught audition prep classes for high school, undergraduate, and graduate acting students. Allie has a BA in Theater from Goucher College and is an associate member of SDC.





The Comedy Of Errors (abridged version)

by William Shakespeare. directed by Ludmila de Brito (MFA 2)


About the Show

The Comedy of Errors, is a Shakespeare classic involving two sets of identical twins with multiple identity confusions. In a tragic series of events, they are separated by a shipwreck and end up in rival cities. After twenty years apart, they inadvertently cross paths on a bustling dock, where justice is rough and disorder thrives. What follows is utter chaos including marital assumptions, Doctor Pinch  - schoolteacher, conjurer, and would-be exorcist - and much reconciling and pardoning as we uncover the many mix-ups in this wild web of identity assumptions!


Content Warning

Coming soon...


 The Cast

Antipholi - Josiah Rey Cajudo

Dromios - Bailey Lee

Adriana - Iris Feng

Luciana - Mai Lan Nguyen

Emilia and 1st Merchant - Torkan Omari

Egeon and u/s Antipholi - Noe Castrejon

Dr. Pinch and u/s Second Merchant -Enya Pineda

Duke Solinus and u/s Emilia - Mercedes Rockin

Angelo and u/s Duke Solinus - Diego Gonzalez

Officer and u/s Dromios - Thomas Ho

Second Merchant and u/s Balthazar - Bluma Lezak

Balthazar and u/s Adriana - Jill Liang

Courtesan and u/s Luciana - Chloe Lee

Luce and u/s Courtesan - Brady Sugrue

Employee and u/s Angelo - Quinn Lewis

CEO's Staff and u/s Officer and First Merchant - Sophia Dagestino

CEO's Staff and u/s Egeon/Dr. Pinch - Mark Dyachuk

CEO's Staff and u/s Luce/Employee - Amrutha Ravi


The Creative Team

Director - Ludmilla de Brito

Assistant Director - Sophia “Espie” Ignacio

Assistant Director - Connor Rankin

Production Stage Manager - Huai Huang

Puppetry - Rhiann Glaudini

Puppetry - Charlotte Yu

Dramaturg - Rumi Petersen

Lighting Designer - Stephanie Knapp

Sound Designer - Harper Justus

Scenic Designer - Abby Miranda

Costume Designer - Nena Lockhart

Assistant Stage Manager - Johana Bishop

Assistant Stage Manager - Ege Catakli

Assistant Scenic Designer - Sophia Marcos-Jeronimo

Scenic Design Assistant - Sadie Muzzo

Associate Dramaturg - Aiden McCormick

Associate Dramaturg - Macy Weinfurter

Assistant Costume Designer - Colby Koo

Assistant Sound Designer - Kaileykielle Hoga



About the Director

Ludmila de Brito is a Brazilian director of Indigenous descent who loves telling stories. Her heart steers towards politically urgent work and plays that ask us to transcend the conditioning of surviving. "When do we start living?"

Most recently, Ludy directed Emily J. Daly's episode of the MTARadioPlays (Rattlestick) as well as Project Transform (Hartford Stage) with Nilaja Sun. United World Colleges and NTI alum, Ludy is a Lin Manuel Miranda Family Fellow. She has directed in Brazil and India. Ludy has assisted Jenna Worsham in The Siblings Play by Ren Dara Santiago at Rattlestick and Megan Sandberg-Zakian in Much Ado at the Boston Common. As an educator, she has worked with Westerville South Theatre, Hartford Stage, and the National Theater Institute at the O'Neill.