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Preston Choi

First-year MFA Playwriting Student


Preston Choi is a Chicago based playwright and first year MFA Playwriting student. His work focuses on Asian American history, mixed race lives, and social science fiction. His plays include A Great Migration or The Migratory Patterns of the North American Monarch Butterfly and the Development of Fatherless Sons (2017 Agnes Nixon Award; 2019 National New Play Showcase), This Is Not A True Story (2018 CAATA ConFest), Happy Birthday Mars Rover (The Passage Theatre, G45 Lightbulb Reading Series), and the performing class (2020-2021 Playwrights Realm Scratchpad Series). His plays have been developed with Silk Road Rising, A Squared, Theatre Mu, Artists at Play, Sideshow Theatre, CAATA, The Passage Theatre, G45 Productions, and Our Perspective. He received a BS in Theatre from Northwestern University in 2018.


BS in Theatre, Northwestern University