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Before the Horses Crash into the Ground Photo: Jim Carmody (2017)
Before the Horses Crash into the Ground  (2017). Photo: Jiim Carmody.

M.F.A. in Contemporary Dance Making and Performance

The M.F.A. in Dance program is not accepting applicants at this time. 

The purpose of the MFA in Contemporary Dance Making and Performance is to provide candidates time and space for research and experimentation within the shifting contexts of choreography and dance making in contemporary society. Candidates will be guided in creating individual processes that support lines of inquiry relevant to their research interests.

Financial Support

For a more detailed description of the financial support package for MFA students, download the MFA Program's Graduate Student Funding Policy.

The Curriculum

The MFA curriculum advocates a broader definition of dance through interdisciplinary methodologies that embrace a diversity of forms, contexts and perspectives.

Making and Producing

During the first two years of the program candidates will have the opportunity to share their dance making processes through scheduled showings and performances. In the third year students will focus on a final thesis project to be performed or presented in a context that best supports the particular research interest of the candidate.


Collaboration is a core value of the Department of Theatre & Dance. The program encourages and supports candidates to create collaborative relationships with other faculty and students across all of the departmental MFA areas as well as other departments throughout the university and with the broader community of artists.

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