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The Creative Team:

Director - Patricia Rincon
Scenic Designer - Elizabeth Barrett
Sound Designer - Stewart Blackwood
Video Editor - Elizabeth Barrett

Stage Management Team:

Production Stage Manager - Jessica Bravo
Asst. Stage Manager - Joseph Maldonado

Special Thanks:

Jack Connolly
Natalia Valerdi
Dance Makers:

Sophia Casas
Damien Coates
Cassandra Connolly
Basant Elghayati
KaVonna Holloway
Erica Kahn
Patrick Li
Gabriella Moraga
Marion Victoria Panis
Marcella Torres Sanchez
Eugene Vang

Abby Button
Sophia Donner
Danyelle Doucette
Karla Espejo-Rodarte
Emily Feingold-Fisher
Ellena Garcia
Anna Lopez
Brianna Maloney
Melina Reynoso
Meghan Ripchik
Ashley Shilts
Danniel Urena
Annie Wang

About the Show:

Ground-breaking and innovative digital dance created by undergraduate dance students during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place era. New Directions Experimental Dance and Digital Performance is the first of its kind and will pave the way for future dance-making in our digital future.

New Directions is supported by the Margaret C. Marshall Dance Endowment

Director's Statement:

Patricia Rincon
In the era of "shelter-in-place" these artists have found a new dance language that is like none other before. It has developed from a deep well of creative innovation. These 11 pioneering dance-makers have taught themselves how to make dance in spaces that were previously unimagined. The result is a journey that takes the viewer through a diverse array of stories and emotions, each profound, each unique. It has been my deep honor and privilege to share this journey together with them.



Dance Maker: Patrick Li
Performer: Patrick Li
This solo piece is an exploration with the concept of closure by the support of editing and other technical skills. The feeling of loneliness is also portrayed with stillness and ecstatic movements. The closure could be anything: the last season of your favorite show, the end of your relationship, the retirement from your career, or the end of a lifestyle during the pandemic. I present this to all the people who undergo closure alone. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Dance Maker: Gabriella Moraga
Social Disdancing
Performers: Gabriella Moraga
Social Disdancing serves as both an introspection into life as we know it today and a celebration of an uncertain future which we now have the power to shape. In this world of quarantine, we find that the lines we draw in order to compartmentalize the different aspects of our lives have quickly become blurred. The spaces we've carved out for our different selves over the course of our lives are, abruptly, no longer within reach. Family, friends, communities; the support systems we rely on to push forward in this world now feel thousands of miles away. Goals, plans, aspirations we may have been running with for some time now have come to a halt. Anger. Frustration. Uncertainty. Hopelessness. Fear. Suddenly, we must face these demons every day... but chaos paves a way for change, and liberation awaits you at the end of the rough path so long as you pursue it to the end. Songs: "Bread" by Lukrembo, "Autumn" by Lukrembo, "Dreaming in Lofi Dorian" by Stewart Blackwood

Dance Maker: Basant ElGhayati
A Woman
Performers: Basant Elghayati
I want to share how this identity that I am most proud of has impacted my life. For this is not conforming perfection, I lay it bare with unapologetic, authentic vulnerability. To make it not too heavy, I steep it into a divine reverie. I dedicate this dance to all the women of the world.

Dance Maker: Cassandra (Cass) Connolly
6FT Tango
Performers: Cass Connolly, Gabby Smith
Life during a pandemic is placing almost everyone in unprecedented situations. My video, titled 6FT Tango, is meant to exemplify many aspects of everyday living in quarantine. A girl on a walk traveling all over her hometown without encountering anyone else. Content, she heads back home, only to realize in the distance is another person - the first she's seen all day. As the two near one another the tensions rise and they begin a tango, all the while standing adhering to the guidelines of social distancing. The dance represents the want and almost need to connect with other people in a time of such isolation. 6FT Tango was inspired by the conflicting feelings I personally experience when on walks of my own. Additionally, I felt the tango needed to be the foundation for the piece because it's typically a dance that relies on physical touch and connection which would be altered in my own work. The Six Foot Tango exemplifies the complexity of life during Covid, turning a simple as a walk into a nuanced and contentious moment.

Dance Maker: Erica Kahn
Seize the Day
Performers: Abby Button, Anna Lopez, Annie Wang, Ashley Shilts, Brianna Maloney, Cass Connolly, Danniel Urena, Danyelle Doucette, Ellena Garcia, Emily Feingold-Fisher, Karla Espejo Rodarte, KaVonna Holloway, Marion Panis, Meghan Ripchik, Melina Reynoso, Sophie Casas, Sophia Donner
Video Editor: Spencer Kahn
Seize the Day is a musical theatre piece reminding us that despite being socially distanced, we don't have to be creatively distanced. This piece is inspired by its title, encouraging us to Seize the Day and come together and dance to put on a show.

Dance Maker: Eugene Vang
The Journey of Eugene Jer Vang
Performer: Eugene Vang
THE STRUGGLE OF LIFE it’s painful, it’s sad, it’s stressful, the struggle of mental health, finding my roots, exploring my identities, showing the triumphs and the falters, insecurity, and confidence, especially here at UCSD, and who I am. sometimes you try but in the end you fall and you want to cry.
HMONG Exploring and discovering my Hmong-American Identity especially here at UCSD. Who am I? What does Hmong mean to me? What does American mean to me? What does my Hmong-American Identity truly mean? Finding the pieces of my traditional Hmong wear. Wearing my Traditional Hmong wear. Feeling pride and comfort in my Traditional Hmong wear. Dancing and celebrating in my Traditional Hmong Wear.

Dance Maker: KaVonna Holloway
Everybody Rejoice
Performers: KaVonna Holloway
Everybody Rejoice is an experience that hopefully makes you want to get up and dance! This dance piece is about living in your best and hardest moments yet celebrating your achievements. Celebrating your being and existence. This piece is about celebration and joy. Joy for doing you best, joy for being you, joy for living, and anything else that brings you joy. Because the sun is shining just for us.

Dance Maker: Marion Victoria Panis
Performers: Marion Victoria Panis
Mass media is an essential form of communication, especially in today's current circumstances. Broadcast media, print media, and the Internet informs the world about recent events, but most importantly connects us to one another when face-to-face communication is not possible. As mass media grows and spreads more information every day, we slowly form a dependency for it. We may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with the flood of information, but yet find it challenging, and almost absurd, to abstain from any form of media.

Dance Maker: Marcella Torres-Sanchez
Flores Ma(r)chitas
Performers: Karla Espejo-Rodarte and Marcella Torres-Sanchez
"Si no regreso, marcale a mi mama"
Flores Ma(r)chitas is a collaborative dance film that showcases what it means to be a woman in the twenty-first century. Over the years, the number of femicides in Mexico has been increasing. Femicide is defined as the murder of women due to their gender status, that is, simply because they are women, which is why a man always perpetrates it. This century has witnessed the marginalization, discrimination, abuse, and violence to which women have been subjected, and to which even in many democratic countries, it is still subjected.

Dance Maker: Sophia Casas
La Vie En Rose
Performer: Sophia Casas
In this time of quarantine and unprecedented anxiety, I wanted to create a dance that allows an escape from the current world state. The dance is supposed to be a romance of sorts, finding creative ways to show others in quarantine that you are thinking of them. Despite loneliness and distance, there is always a way to love.

Dance Maker: Damien Christopher Coates
Dance #1: Social Distance Dance. Dance #2: A Touch of Water.
Performers: Dance # 1: Damien Coates
Performers: Dance # 2: Damien Coates & Jason Coates
Dance # 1: A dance film about Social Distance Dancing.
Dance # 2: A dance film about my journey for creating improve dance inspired by my dance Professor Patricia Rincon.

About the Director:

Distinguished Professor of Dance Patricia Rincon received her BFA and MFA in Dance and Choreography from the United States International University School of Performing and Visual Arts. She has served on the UCSD dance faculty since 1976. Patricia has performed, directed, choreographed, and participated in annual workshops and performances in Mexico, Argentina, Europe, and California. As Artistic Director of Patricia Rincon Dance Collective she has continued developing both her annual Blurred Borders Dance Festival and The Myth Project dance-theatre series, set in San Diego and currently in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. She continues that research for her annual Myth Project Series in San Miguel de Allende with projects funded in-part by the UCSD Academic Senate Research, which include: Threads: Stories of the Otomi Indian Tribes (2015); Transient Bodies: A Human Art Installation (2016); Essential Bodies: Aztec Cultures and the Day of the Dead (2017); Tuxen: Living Without Limits (2018); and her newest project -- Toltecs and the Mariposa Dance Project, scheduled for 2021.

The Patricia Rincon Dance Collective has received numerous grants from The California Arts Council, The San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, and the UCSD Academic Senate funding to name a few. Her company has performed at the La Jolla Playhouse's WOW Festival, at the El Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez "El Nigromante" - Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the Cuerpos Entransito International Dance Festival at the Centro Cultural Tijuana, the Performing Arts Center as part of UCSD's University Events Office National Dance Series and at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Arts Partnership Program, The Old Globe Theatre, the International TANZINOLTEN Dance Festival in Switzerland, and the former Sushi Performance and Visual Arts space, San Diego.

Ms. Rincon also continues to develop dance video-film projects which have been awarded numerous UCSD awards for research, development and publication which include LATINO NOW: Landscape Of Desire, a documentary dance film by Patricia Rincon and Paula Zacharias, in Spanish and English, about the American Dream and immigration filmed in Mexico, Argentina, and California, and which had its premiere screening at the UCSD Art Gallery's Fronteras Series, "Re-Remembering Fronteras," 2011, as well as at the National University Institute of Arts (IUNA) in Buenos Aires later that same year. Other rescreening's include San Diego Repertory Theatre's Tortilla Curtain series 2012. Ms. Rincon's video-film Waiting, a dance film by Patricia Rincon and Paula Zacharias, had its international première at the Festival Internacional VideoDanzaBA, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 2008. With additional screenings at the Tijuana-San Diego Dance-on-Film Festival, at Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) in 2009; and at the La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, also in 2009. In 2011 she was invited to be an artist-in-residency with her Patricia Rincon Dance Collective at the prestigious IUNA Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Ms. Rincon was Head of the UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance MFA Graduate Dance Theatre program from 2013-2015 and Head of the Undergraduate BA Dance program from 2008-2016. Patricia was awarded the prestigious KPBS LOCAL HERO AWARD for Latino Heritage Month September 2016. She was also just honored with the 2017 UCSD Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Award for Community Service and named a UCSD Distinguished Professor of Dance in 2017. Additionally, Ms. Rincon leads workshops at the Universities of Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Mannheim, and in Konstanz, Germany. She also taught for many years at the Universities of Zurich, Bern, and Lugano Switzerland, and at the IUNA Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

This year Patricia will be retiring from UCSD and will continue to research, direct and make dances in the international theatre and dance community of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

About the Dance Makers:

Sophia Casas (La Vie En Rose) is a second year Theater major and Music minor at the University of California San Diego. Previous credits include: Much Ado About Nothing UCSD Theater Dept, Back the Night with It's on Us, Hairspray Muir Musical. In quarantine, Sophia is enjoying spending time with her two sisters and dog Roxy. Sophia hopes New Directions 2020 provides some light at the end of the tunnel.

Damien Christopher Coates (Dance #1: Social Distance Dance. Dance #2: A Touch of Water.) is a senior double major in Theatre and Dance at the University of California, San Diego. He is an avant-garde artist, writer, composer, musician and multimedia film director who work spans performance art, pop music, and multimedia projects. His most recent dance work was in UCSD 2020 Winter Works.

Cass Connolly (6FT Tango) is a third year history major and theater minor at UCSD. This is her first dance class in college as well as her first time choreographing a dance to be filmed. Cass has performed in a student organizations production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, and is currently rehearsing for the departments production of Mr. Burns. She's excited to be using all the new - and often negative - energy deriving from the stress of the pandemic to fuel a new exploration of art, emotions, and dance. As it often is with art, Cass invites you to feel the humor, uncertainty, and tensions displayed throughout the dance.

Basant Elghayati (A Woman) is a senior Pre Md-PhD student majoring in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in dance. Basant was raised forbidden to dance in public due to cultural restrictions, and was forced to only watch the art she loved so much as a child.. But once she was free to choose her own classes in college, she has not stopped dancing. She plans to keep dancing even as she pursues her medical career.

KaVonna Holloway (Everybody Rejoice) is a graduating 4th year Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major and Dance minor originally from Hayward, California. She is excited to be a part of a new performance experience and share her love of dance with the audience. This is her first time sharing her choreography in a big performance. KaVonna has been a part of UC San Diego's Muir Musical for 3 years, with the final 2 years in ensemble for Hairspray (2019) and Pippin (2020 performances cancelled). She is happy to continue dancing and exploring her creativity during this time. KaVonna would like to thank the entire New Directions production team, Natalia Valerdi, and Summer Thai for all their help and support during this production.

Erica Kahn (Seize the Day) is a third-year transfer student double majoring in theatre and dance and minoring in psychology. The majority of her choreographic experience is from working in youth theatre, however she has recently been exploring other dance styles. Past UCSD credits include Man In Love (ensemble) and winterWORKS 2020 (dancer), as well as assistant director of Weirdo (Or Make Nice) in Company 157's Winter New Play Festival. Erica is so excited to have been able to work on a show in these unique and challenging circumstances, and with such a great group of dancers and an incredibly supportive technical team. This piece has been a crazy journey and unlike anything she has ever worked on. Enjoy!

Patrick Li (Closure) is finishing his first year at UCSD where he is double majoring in Human Biology and Dance. His interest in dancing began from a young age when he attended his very first dance class. His passion in dance developed when he had the opportunity to approach dance in China, UK, and Australia. Inspired by the international experience, Patrick aims to explore his identities and ideas through a unique perspective with the help of body movement. Patrick is focusing on contemporary dance while exploring ballet and urban dance on the side. When he is not busy with school, he enjoys having a nice trip with family and just spending time with his friends.

Gabriella Moraga (Social Disdancing) grew up in an extremely talented family with most of my family members having some sort of musical or artistic expertise. However, while many in her family are passionate about their art, it has never been acceptable to pursue it past a hobby. As she grew up with dance as her own passion and began to seriously pursue it into her late teens, she came into many conflicts with her parents about pursuing art further. Ultimately, she gave up dance during high school to focus on preparing herself for a "successful future." After almost seven years, she began exploring her love for dance once again by taking a Contemporary dance course with Patricia last quarter and hasn’t been able to stop moving since. After finally reconnecting with her body in a way that she hasn’t been able to in nearly a decade, this project is not simply an exploration, but more than anything a celebration of movement.

Marion Victoria Panis (OVERexposed) is a fourth year pre-med student with a major inhuman biology and minor in dance at UCSD. Marion began dancing in high school where she choreographed hip hop, jazz, and musical theatre pieces for her team. She has previously performed in the 2018 dance production of winterWORKS. She is very excited to take part in the digitized performance of New Directions!

Marcella Torres-Sanchez (Flores Ma(r)chitas) hails from Tijuana, Mexico, where she began her dance training at Denz Dance Studio at the age of three. She then continued her studies at Lux Boreal Dance Company, where she received a certification in Contemporary Dance and Scenic Production. She later received her Associate in Visual and Performing Arts at San Diego City College. She is currently a senior at UC San Diego, double majoring in Dance (B.A.) and Education Sciences (B.S.), where she was awarded the Chancellor's Associate Scholarship Program. Throughout her college career, she has been grateful for the opportunity to perform in works by Terry Wilson, Dr. Grace Shinhae Jun, Debbie Toth-Ward, Gina and Kyle Sorensen, Liam Clancy, and Eric Geiger. Marcella has completed summer programs at Black Studio in Mexico City, Broadway Dance Center, New York and Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater. After graduating, she plans to get her yoga and Pilates certification, as well as continue showcasing her dances through the camera.
"Si por medio de mi voz y pensamientos no soy escuchada, quiero serlo a traves de la camara" -MTS.

Eugene Vang (The Journey of Eugene Jer Vang) is currently a second year Hmong student studying biology, public health and dance at UCSD. He started dancing about 8 years ago when he first joined colorguard in middle school. Eugene absolutely enjoys expressing himself and sharing his stories and experiences through dance and movement. He is empowered to inspire many others to continue doing what they love and never give up. Eugene hopes that by continuing to dance, perform and do colorguard, he can have an impact on many others. Eugene is so grateful for the opportunity to create and be a part of New Directions.

About the Creative Team:

Jessica Bravo (Production Stage Manager) is a fourth-year transfer student studying in Theatre. She previously attended San Diego City College. UC San Diego credits: Orestes 2.0 (PA). Other select credits: Just Like Us (ACD), Heathers: The Musical (ACD), Electricidad (AD), She Kills Monsters (Dresser), The Rocky Horror Show (Ensemble), New Play Festival 2016/2017 (PSM, San Diego City College), The Complete History of Theatre (ASM, San Diego Fringe Festival).

Joseph Maldonado (Assistant Stage Manager) is a fourth year theatre student. He previously attended both Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach City College. UC San Diego credits: Orestes 2.0 (PA), Balm in Gilead, Monster (Script PA, WNPF '19), The Misanthrope (ASM), Mother Courage and her Children (Swiss Cheese). Previous technical theatre credits: Macbeth, Rossums's Universal Robots (ASM Long Beach City College); All in the Timing, Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All To You, The Actor's Nightmare (ALD, Long Beach City College).

Stewart Blackwood (Sound Designer) is a first-year MFA student. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, he is an interdisciplinary sound and music artist. He focuses on creating impactful audio experiences by exploring immersive sound techniques, (un)conventional composition, and live effect processing. Select credits: La Cage (Cygnet Theater), Ironbound (UCSD), A Midsummer Night's Dream, Winter's Tale (Island Shakespeare Festival); Godspell JR., Feed, Wildfire and The Birdscouts (Cleveland Playhouse); A Brief History of America, The Transition of Doodle Pequeno, Death Comes to Us All, and Mary Agnes (Hangar Theatre); Emilie, Macbeth, Little Women, and Hedda Gabler (Kent State University).

Elizabeth Barrett (Video Editor) is a first-year MFA student. Originally from Washington, she has her BA in Theatre with a concentration in Scenic Design from Western Washington University. She has a wide range of experience working in many facets of theater including carpentry, welding, and scenic art alongside her design work. UC San Diego credits: Elektra (ASD), Man in Love (ASD). Other select credits: Cyla’s Gift (SD, Taproot Theater), Queer Mama Crossroads (SD, Annex Theater), American Idiot (PD, UC Irvine), Lines Ballet (APD, Alosno King Ballet), and Valley of the Heart (APD, Center Theatre Group).




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