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Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre

Technical Information and Specifications:
Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre

General Information
Technical Measurements
Soft Goods Inventory
Electrics at the Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre

General Information

While actual numbers vary with seating configuration, the following are approximate including the mezzanine:

In the Round - approx 417,
3/4 Thrust - approx 404
Proscenium - approx 319
In the "L" - approx 295
Traverse - approx 410

Handicapped Access
Information coming soon.

House Policies
The house opens one half hour before each performance. The curtain for evening performances, excluding Sunday, is at 7:30 pm . The curtain for matinees is at 2 pm (Saturday and Sunday only). The curtain for Sunday performances is at 7 pm. The theatre is dark on Monday.

Green Room
Measures 17'6 x 14'3". Located adjacent to dressing rooms, down two stair flights (one floor) from the stage floor ( an elevator is available). The Green Room is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, sink, and coffee setup. The Page/Monitor and CCTV Systems provide for audio and video monitoring of the stage.

A passenger elevator (measuring 4'3" x 6'9" x 7'5"h) is located offstage of the SE corner of the stage and accesses the dressing rooms and the balcony/mezzanine.

Stage Door
Located off the SW side of the building at basement level.

Dressing Rooms
The basement level has two chorus dressing rooms; each with a capacity for 17 persons (gender specific.) Each dressing room has sinks, make-up mirrors, showers and toilets. The Page/Monitor System provides for audio monitoring of the stage.

Quick Change Rooms
Onstage quick change space is limited. There are hallways surrounding the East and West sides of the stage. In addition, there are stairs down to the basement level on the East and West sides for crossover and quick change purposes.

Wardrobe Room
The Wardrobe and Wig Rooms are located on the basement level. Sinks, hanging space, steamer, sewing machines, irons, ironing boards, washing machines and dryers are available with prior consent from the Costume Shop Manager. There is no dry cleaning on-site.

Rehearsal Room
The Potiker Theatre does have rehearsal space adjacent to the stage. Reservations of rehearsal space may be made with advance notice.

Control Room (Booth)
Located on the North side of the stage, up one floor from the stage. (An elevator is available).

Technical Measurements

The information included in this outline is usable for general purposes and non-critical measurements. Separate technical drawings made from actual measurements of the space are available upon request.


Loading Dock
The loading dock is 2'8" high (***please update this dimension in the Weiss loading dock section as well***), 24' deep (at truck) and more than 50' wide. It is located down a short hill from the main access road ( Weiss Lane). Only one truck can be unloaded at a time. Equipment and scenery must be loaded from the dock onto a scenery lift measuring 12'8" x 16'4". The loading doors of the theatre measure 24'0" x 19'0" and lead through the South wall of the stage

Stage Area
70' x 80', Height to underside of mezzanine - 11'7", Height at mezzanine floor level - 13'0", Capacity of floor - 125 lbs per sq. ft.

Traps and Trap Room
Twenty-one (21) 6'0" long x 4'0" wide traps starting at 29'9" from North Wall, on CL
Trap thickness is 3¼" . Because of the nature of the stage, use of the traps will require advance notice.
Stage floor to Trap Room floor - 11'0"
Width of Trap Room - 30'4" x 23'0"
Consult with Technical Director before specifying trap use.
Access to trap room via stairs located in East and West hallways offstage.

Rigging System
House is a tension grid comprised of forty (40) 8' x 8' panels in a 5x8 arrangement. The outside perimeter sections are permanent while the inner eighteen (18) panels are removable independently. See Electric Plot for pipe spacing. Consult with Technical Director for any rigging in the grid..

Soft Goods Inventory
Information coming soon.

Electrics at the Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre


Please contact Mike Doyle at medoyle@ucsd.edu for information regarding lighting in the Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre.

Floating Inventory

We have an additional inventory of equipment such as followspots, color scrollers, ministrips, foggers, hazers, strobes, etc, that are shared between our theatre spaces. If you have additional needs beyond the listed inventory please consult the lighting supervisor.


Information coming soon.


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