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Our Current Issue

        Issue Number 53

  • Editor’s Note by Kara Raphaeli
  • Documentary Performances of "Real" Lives,
         and Created by French-Moroccan Author and
         Director Mohamed El Khatib

         by Philippa Wehle
  • Creating Conversations Through Immersive
         Performance with the Vanessa Long Dance

         by Juliane Pettorossi
  • Introduction: The Undertaking
         by Steve Cosson
  • SCRIPT: The Undertaking
         by Steve Cosson
  • Cabaret: The Most Dangerous Safe Space in
         the World

         by Sally Ollove
  • Introduction: On/From Debris
         by Simon Breden
  • SCRIPT: On/From Debris
         by María Prado
  • Introduction: Of Government
         by Alex Borinsky
  • SCRIPT: Of Government
         by Alex Borinsky
  • Towards New Forms of Participatory Theatre
    by Zofia Smolarska