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Issue Number 50 (TF50)

  • Editor’s Note by Jason Dorwart
  • TF Casebook: Disability in Performance
         by various
  • In Search of a Fragile Balance: On The Infinite Story by      Artur Palyga by Zofia Smolarska
  • Skin of the Wolf: Contemporary Latin American Theatre      Through the Lens of Three Countries in Transition
         by Lisa Portes
  • Disembodying Performance: Mind of a Snail's Curious      Contagious at the Vancouver Fringe Festival
         by Matthieu Chapman
  • Introduction: Tomorrow Come Today
         by Gordon Dahlquist
  • SCRIPT: Tomorrow Come Today
         by Gordon Dahlquist
  • A Brave New World... An Introduction to Manifest      Destinitis
         by Maria Patrice Amon
  • SCRIPT: Manifest Destinitis
         by Herbert Siquenza